VHNI delivers encapsulating services that are:
  • high in quality
  • low in cost

  • VHNI offers:
  • low minimums
  • short lead times
  • unique NON-GEL delivery system
  • Advanced Encapsulating Services for Nutritional Supplements

    Vita-Herb Nutriceuticals, Inc.

    VHNI . . . Home of NON-GEL Encapsulation
    and TATE Product Protection

  • Give your brand a jump on the competition with the newest encapsulating technology in the nutrition industry.

  • Cultivate loyalty to your brand with the cleanest, most environmentally friendly nutrition delivery system in the health products marketplace.

    Your customers are demanding vegetarian capsules. Witness the great success of Vegicaps for dry supplements. But until now you have had to deliver your liquid supplements in gelatin. Not any more, not since VHNI has brought NON-GEL capsules for liquid supplements to health products manufacturers. Now your brand can go all the way with non-gelatin, "vegetarian" delivery!

    Your customers are also demanding environmental friendliness. Witness the great success of every kind of "soft" technology. But until now you have had to deliver your liquid supplements in gelatin capsules made from animal carcasses with harsh solvents. Not any more. NON--GELS are produced without agricultural chemicals and without caustic solvents-NON-GELS epitomize environmental friendliness!

    Questions? Of course--with new technology that's inevitable. So we invite you to meet Mr. Bing Baksh, founder and CEO of Vita-Herb Nutriceuticals, Inc. (VHNI). Go to Meet the CEO, where your questions about NON-GELS, TATE, and VHNI's services will be answered.

  • Pharmaceutical standards
  • Competitive pricing
  • Short lead times
  • No batch size constraints

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