VHNI delivers encapsulating services that are:
  • high in quality
  • low in cost

  • VHNI offers:
  • low minimums
  • short lead times
  • unique NON-GEL delivery system
  • A Virtual Tour of Vita-Herb Nutriceuticals

    This photo shows the VHNI liquid filler (equipped with a unique nitrogen purging system). It is literally the most advanced machine of its kind in the supplement world. This is where your liquid supplements (herbs, EFAs, etc.) are filled in the NON-GELô delivery system. (Gelatin capsules are also available.)

    A value-added benefit with VHNI encapsulating is that your customers get tamper evident protection with each capsule. Your capsules--liquid or dry, gelatin or NON-GELô--are sealed by our Technology-Assured, Tamper Evident (TATEÆ) sealing system, shown here. TATE extends extra product protection to consumers of dietary supplements by meeting the new federally mandated regulations for OTC drug products.

    In general, VHNI uses one third of the space used by its competitors for similar functions. Shown here is an example of the VHNI concentrated space utilization-raw material storage in portable silos.

    VHNI is scrupulously vigilant in assuring that your raw materials are homogenously blended. Shown here is the lab scale blender. (The transparent bin allows us to study blending dynamics to determine optimum blending parameters.)

    Each VHNI manufacturing cell is completely self-contained, with all utilities external. Shown here is a vacuum pump (gray) and dust collector (white), both essential components in the hospital operating room-like VHNI manufacturing environment.

    The architectural details (such as smooth, impervious surfaces) allow for 100% washdown. Equipment that can't be washed in place is brought to the washroom pictured here. This washroom, with its dedicated, one-pass air exhaust system, exceeds pharmaceutical manufacturing requirements.

    Your virtual tour illustrated how design excellence leads to high quality production. And how design efficiency translates into low costs, low minimums, and short lead times for your company.

    You are always welcome to take a real tour. Please contact us by your preferred method for an appointment.

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