VHNI delivers encapsulating services that are:
  • high in quality
  • low in cost

  • VHNI offers:
  • low minimums
  • short lead times
  • unique NON-GEL delivery system
  • A Virtual Tour of Vita-Herb Nutriceuticals

    Vita-Herb Nutriceuticals, Inc. (VHNI) is a nutritional supplement company with facilities designed and built to pharmaceutical standards.

    Advanced architectural and design features give the VHNI manufacturing environment the look and feel of a hospital operating room.

    All operations are carefully documented, including in-process quality assurance checks. Equipment use/cleaning logbooks, and standard operating procedures are followed scrupulously to avoid any form of contamination or non-compliance.

    The VHNI facility was designed with the objective of obtaining a drug license. It is divided into three zones: shipping/receiving, staging, and manufacturing. Pictured here is the shipping and receiving area.

    Here you see the staging area, isolated from the external environment by an airlock-type air handling system, elements of which are also shown here.

    HEPA filters not only condition the air by removing moisture, they function at 95% efficiency down to 5 microns, eliminating microbial and cross-contamination. This system introduces clean air into the room, creating a positive pressure which insures that only the cleanest air contacts ingredients and finished goods.

    Imagine now that your materials have arrived at VHNI for processing. From your containers, the materials are transferred to Mass-Flo FlowBinsÆ. Pictured here is a Mass-Flo FlowBin on the floor scale. (Filling the flow bin is the only point of ingredient exposure in the VHNI one-exposure closed system.) From the floor scale, this bin is transferred to the bin tumbler, which produces a completely homogenous mixture of ingredients within 30 minutes.

    Mass-Flow FlowBin set in bin tumbler. VHNI is the first U.S. company with this revolutionary mixing system. This is one of the most advanced and gentle designs currently in use for mixing dry products.

    From the time your material arrives at VHNI, it can be ready for encapsulating in less than two hours. The powder cap filler is shown here with a Mass-Flo FlowBin above. The one-exposure closed system--Mass-Flo FlowBin, to high speed encapsulator, to empty capsule eliminator/de-dusting device-can best be appreciated at this point.

    Semi-automatic cap filler for small batches or difficult materials. (This machine handles difficult materials without flow agents.)


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