VHNI delivers encapsulating services that are:
  • high in quality
  • low in cost

  • VHNI offers:
  • low minimums
  • short lead times
  • unique NON-GEL delivery system
  • Potent-Pack™ Products . . . forthcoming

    Vita-Herb Nutriceutical will soon offer a comprehensive line-up of proprietary nutritional supplements, available on a private label basis or under the VHNI label. A partial list includes:

    • Oxy-Blok
    • Emotional Support
    • Mental Support
    • Immune Support
    • CardioSupport
    • Eye Support
    • Joint Support
    • Prostate Support
    • Liver Support
    • Menopause Formula
    • PMS Formula
    • Balanced EFAs
    • Energy Plus
    • GH Releasing Formula
    • Bone Booster
    • Skin Time
    • Digest More
    • Elimination Action
    • Mushroom Magic
    • Anti-Aging Elixer
    • Broad Spectrum Vit/Min/Herb Formula
    Potent-Packs™ Explained

    A frequent consumer complaint about nutritional supplements is that "they don't work". The VHNI solution to this problem is Potent-Packs™. Potent-Pack™ formulas bypass the one cap (or tab) approach in the form of "packs" containing multiple NON-GEL™ capsules of pure nutrients without binders or fillers. Potent-Packs™ are designed to really work by MAXIMIZING

    • the number of target-specific ingredients
    • potentcies
    • assimilation
    • bio-availability

    Potent-Packs™ are a no-holds-barred, if-this-doesn't-work-nothing-will approach, based on proven nutrition tradition and the latest science. But VHNI, like any other company, does not have all the answers. And so, private label customers are invited to adjust the formulas according to their own needs and research.

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